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Former VA secretary’s latest venture, Override, emerges out of stealth to tackle chronic pain

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1292 former va secretarys latest venture override emerges out of stealth to tackle chronic pain

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Former VA Secretary’s Latest Venture, Override, Emerges Out of Stealth to Tackle Chronic Pain

Big Goals Around Pain Treatment

Former VA secretary David Shulkin has launched a new venture called Override, with the goal of helping patients reduce and manage their chronic pain. Override aims to provide a platform that empowers patients to take control of their care, with a focus on helping patients reduce their use of prescription medications.

Technology-Based Solutions

Override utilizes a combination of technology and healthcare professionals to help individuals make informed decisions about their health. They utilize digital therapeutic tools, such as recommended workouts, lifestyle journaling, and e-prescribing, to facilitate the patient-clinician connection. All the data is stored and analyzed, providing clinicians with insights into patient behavior.

A Commitment to Patients

Shulkin and the Override team have a strong commitment to putting patients first. They have invested in ensuring providers can meet the demands of the new virtual landscape, equipped with the training and technology necessary to deliver comprehensive and personalized care.

Key Features & Benefits

Override is designed to:

  • Enhance patient education – by offering resources and tracking tools to help individuals make informed decisions regarding their health care.
  • Provide more holistic treatment – offering an array of digital therapeutic treatment plans to address a range of needs.
  • Reduce reliance on prescription medications – utilizing digital therapies and lifestyle changes to reduce the need for pharmaceuticals.
  • Facilitate communication – fostering a connection between patient and provider to ensure that appropriate care is provided.

Looking to the Future

Override is aiming to use data-driven strategies and personalized care plans to help patients reduce their pain and improve their health. As the opioid epidemic continues to rage on, Override’s mission has never been more important.

The Override team provides an important reminder that no two patients are the same and that their individual needs should be taken into account when seeking treatments for chronic pain.

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