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Couples discuss some of their top pet peeves, and experts offer advice to keep you dining together.

They’re high in antioxidants and can even eliminate the need to add salt and sugar.

Kraft American slices are delicious, but that’s not your only option.

This underrated appliance can make just about everything you love, including eggs, French toast and even cake.

This is what happens when a one-upper comes to the table.

Doctors want to clear these up, because some of them are flat-out wrong.

Braised meatballs, copycat Panda Express, the most playful pigs in a blanket you’ve ever seen and much more.

Chefs, a food scientist and a nutritionist advise when frozen veggies will do the trick, and when you just have to go fresh.

Here’s how included tips pay out, and pay off, for restaurant employees.

From coconut water to kombucha (sorry), how does your favorite rate?

“Is this a marketing gimmick or the end of the world?”

The owner of one of the first alcohol-free bars in the U.S. provides a safe haven from the pressures of drinking.

If you hold up the line or lounge like you’re at home, this is about you.

Is any amount of alcohol good for you? Experts share what it does to key parts of your body and aspects of your health.

These are go-tos you can rely on, from the humble lemon squeezer to the pricey Vitamix.

This “healthy” breakfast staple can be loaded with sugar. Here are the brands experts trust.

Contrary to popular opinion, some microwaved food (if done properly) can taste just as good as if it were cooked on the stove or in the oven.

The term carries a different meaning than others like it, such as “non-alcoholic cocktails,” “zero-proof” or “no-ABV.”

Aficionados break down the history and cultural significance of the bodega staple that’s gaining popularity across the country.

Experts share thoughts on how to get the right amount at the right times.

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